Electronic Signatures: A Great Helping Hand to Manage the Construction Paperwork

Electronic Signatures - Manage Your Construction Paperwork

Electronic Signatures – Manage Your Construction Paperwork


Today, the construction industry is continuously developing, redesigned by software and modern technologies. Various types of paperwork are involved in this industry between the owner and the contractor such as contract documents, bidding documents, and project manuals. These are extremely critical for the business and to run the process smoothly, the required stalk-holders need to properly sign and authorize the documents when needed.

Instead of using the traditional paper and wet ink based signing system, an organization can implement an electronic signature software solution to manage construction paperwork as a part of today’s industrial digital shift. Here, we present a few ways on how the construction industry can benefit from the eSignature software.

Eliminates Delays and Delivers Projects on Time

Construction projects need significant capital investments. It determines an increased need for guarantees from all the involved parties. Verbal commitments and trust are not enough. Relationships get to build on strong safeguards that are documented agreements. Every decision and any change in the project get drafted.

At times, there is an urgency to get signatures from off-shore engineers and subcontractors from other cities which can hold back the entire project for days. So, it leads to extra expenditure and missed deadlines.

Leveraging good electronic signature software such as SutiSign eliminates such kind of delays in work. No matter wherever the signer is, be it your subcontractor, valued client, off-shore engineer, or any other party, getting your paper signed becomes just a matter of minutes. The signer as well as you can process the documents on any smart device, in a few clicks, and no need of printing or scanning the agreement. So what is the result? You will receive timely approvals and can start your assignments with no document-related setbacks.

Process Documents in the Most Efficient Manner

Managing construction paperwork is a quick process when done online. It includes documents like purchase orders (PO), subcontractor agreements, proposals, and more. Think of the time and effort you take on printing, signing, and sending a document by email, or dispatching them by a courier service, and waiting for the signed copy to return. You also need to resend the document if they are signed out incorrectly or if the signer has missed signing a mandatory field.

Paperless document flow is more effective, you need to open the application, load the document, enter essential annotations, and send the document to the signers. When the document gets signed on the other side, you will receive a notification immediately.

Moreover, you can streamline document flow and increase efficiency minimizing office supply expenses. Further, you can improve productivity and make the process of online contract management even more convenient.

Keep Contracts in Order and Completely Secure

By using eSignature software solution, all the documents are stored in one place and are easy to access from any smart device. So, are you managing multiple projects? It’s not a problem. You can create separate folders for the projects and a structure of sub-folders inside them when required.

So, when your clients, subcontractors, inspectors, or other parties require a document, just open the app and get all the needed documentation right at your fingertips. There is no need to rush to your office for the record for inspection urgently. An electronic signature software solution keeps all your essential documents safe from getting lost or damaged, unlike paper agreements.

Guarantees Confidentiality

The electronic signature solution is secure which means gathering and ensuring the safe storage of signed paper documents. All the documents are sent using SSL encryption. It does not matter whether the documents on the move or being stored, your documents can be read only by the intended recipients or the ones who are given access to read it.

The solution enables you to collect legally binding electronic signatures. Every signature collected holds the information about the IP address it is received on, the timestamp when the signature is collected, and a validate email of the signer. Wet signatures take several days to collect, whereas digital signatures can be collected in a few hours.

The Bottom Line

Electronic signature software is one of the most useful solutions for the construction industry. It helps you to streamline the entire process, from start to finish, enhance overall productivity, minimize the amount of time taken for stakeholders to sign a contract, and more.

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