Areas Which Lacks Research Effort in Cyber and Mobile Security?

Mobile Security

Mobile Security

Today security and privacy have become one of the most important elements for the global population of internet users. In an era where the widely held internet users prefer browsing their favorite websites and applications through their mobile devices, mobile cyber security has gained significant momentum in the year 2017. Industry experts conclude that mobile security has now turned into a big business for the various cyber firms across the world. Let us take a brief outlook of top rated areas that still needs a lot of research and development efforts when it comes to mobile security.

Mobile banking

Simple banking tasks that often becomes troublesome and requires us to engage our physical presence at the respective branch is one of the worst things that most of us have even continued to experience. But on the other hand, the modern day world of mobile technology has made it pretty simple and easy to check the account balance, conduct mobile transactions, payment of bills and even engaging with other banking services.

According to a number of market research and surveys have concluded that mobile banking has grown with a surprising rate but, at the same time there have been a number of reported cases with security breaches and account theft incidents. Moreover, use of debit cards is still considered vulnerable because several mobile app services fail to deliver absolute security to the users in this regard.

Mobile communications

Internet has undoubtedly become the most influential and effective ways for communication all across the world where top email service providers have even introduced dedicated mobile platform based email applications in order to better cater their users. These apps have eventually become more reliable and secure over the years but still there is a lot of room for improvements and developments when it comes to security and user privacy.

Either it is about receiving a highly confidential email from a bank or sending important documents over the internet, email apps are still considered to be less secure and vulnerable in terms of losing important data over the internet.


Since internet brought unexpected digital possibilities, global businesses rapidly starting to find solutions for accessing their target audience directly over the internet which incepted a whole new and colossal industry of electronic commerce. Online stores and e-commerce based websites have enables us to easily go through the entire range of products of our favorite brands and purchase online with just a few clicks. Similarly the mobile trend continued to transform it further by bringing mobile commerce but there are a number of security and confidentiality matters that mobile users still experience when it comes to mobile buying.

Mobile consumers have reported several unique cases of security and privacy breach in terms of engaging themselves in online purchasing via mobile devices. From loss of user contact details up to loss of banking details, the domain of m-commerce still needs a lot development and research efforts.

Micro and Instant Apps

A newer trend of micro and instant apps have been widely observed in the year 2017. If we specifically dive deeper into the domain of micro mobile apps then the term is not at all new for the industry experts. Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts are some of the best examples highlighting the widespread use of micro mobile apps. But, there is a newer trend that has been recently introduced by Google in the form of Instant Apps which seems to be pretty much unsecure when we look into the perspective of today’s mobile cyber security. The biggest reason for such expected security loopholes is that these instant apps instantly executes from HTML pages and transforms into complete mobile app without installing on the mobile device.

Mobile Multimedia

Mobile data theft has continued to be not just one of the most highlighted mobile security concerns but one of the most wanted areas that needs greater research efforts. From losing valuable personal photos and videos up to work related multimedia data and files, industry experts are still in the quest of bringing absolute security for the end users.

Conclusively, there are a number of other highlighted areas to be addressed when it comes to cyber and mobile security developments. Moreover, it is also noticeable that the increase in mobile devices is an ultimate rise to level of security breech where device manufacturers should work along with the global community of mobile app developers in order to bring absolute betterment. Either it is about the public segment of mobile users or enterprise level end users, the areas that we have discussed appears to be the most highlighted and influential areas of mobile technology capable of leaving a considerable impact over the future of mobility on a global scale.

Author Bio:- Jason is a qualified IT professional with vast knowledge and years of experience in the area of internet and mobile security. While leading a team of professional apps and software quality assurance engineers at a mobile app development company headquarter in the United States, he loves to share his valuable views and ideas regarding the cyber and mobile security industry at social media and many renowned blogs.

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