8 Handy Tools To Check Google Rankings

Check Google Rankings

8 Handy Tools To Check Google Rankings 

Overview :

Google rankings matter in search results. Your rank directly affects the amount of organic traffic you attract on your website. The webpage that gets to the top of the search engine results page more than 70% of all clicks. Search engine users mostly rely on the site that comes first.

You can check Google ranking fast, simple and accurately with one of the best handy tools. Keep reading to discover a combined list of Google ranking tools from Google search console to SEMrush.


Google search console,  one of the best tools, is created by Google itself. It helps to track your website’s presence on the popular search engine. It provides a useful amount of information. You can find the keywords that drive clicks or impressions, the continents that perform well.

Following steps can help you to check your rankings in Google search console:-login to Google search console.

  • Enter your keyword.
  • View search results and click on queries to see all the search items that your website ranks for.

Google search console offers a free way to find your search ranking and it provides several pieces of valuable data in one place like the number of impressions and your click through rate and other details. You can compare the performance to a previous period very easily. It also offers actionable tips for improving rankings

  1. SEMRUSH:-

SEMRush is one of the best tools to check your Google position, research targeted keywords, analyses backlinks, monitor algorithm updates and more. This tool is paid. It also offers toolkits for social media paid advertising and more.

Following are the steps to start with SEMRush:-

  • Login to semrush.
  • Select SEO toolkit.
  • Click on ‘position tracking’.

The reports will provide your team with top competitors in search results,  best keywords, your overall visibility in search results, average position in search results, estimated traffic and your rankings for featured snippets. Though this tool is quite expensive, it is one of the best Google rank checker options.


Ubersuggest is built by Neil Patel. This all round tool helps to understand your Google keyword ranking. You will get a keyword ranking report. It shows the search volume, your position, the number of established visits and the SEO difficulty of the keyword.

Keyword planner can also be used to discover possible targeted keyword ideas, build keyword lists and explore content ideas. If you use it really you will only get limited results so better to subscribe to the premium offers.

  1. AHREFS:-

Ahrefs is a powerhouse search engine optimization tool (SEO). It helps to find search rankings accurately. Though it is paid, it is an effective one. You can use it as a Google keyword position checker with the following steps:

  • Log in to Ahrefs.
  • Click on ‘Rank tracker’.
  • Then select ” Add new” to add your website.
  • See your website from the “Rank tracker” menu.
  • Click on “Add keywords”.

Once you add keywords, you can start monitoring their performance for both desktop and mobile searches. Rank tracker tool shows you the keywords you rank for, the position, the keyword difficulty and search volumes. It will also show you whether you rank for Google’s extra features. Whether you want to audit your website, discover new keywords or targeted computer links you can do it with Ahrefs.


Accuranker is a free tool. It provides you with a preview of search engine result pages (SERPs) on Google on desktop or mobile devices.

Following are the steps to get started with AccuRanker:-

  • Go to AccuRanker’s SERP checker
  • Enter your targeted keywords
  • Choose your location
  • Pick up your device and click on “Search now!”

You can only view the first page of search results and it limits users 5 searches per day. So better invest in the company’s paid tool for monitoring your search engine rank or position.


SERanking is an all round platform. It helps marketers with SEO audits, SEO reporting, social media analytics keyword tracking and backlink analysis. Choose the keywords you want to track. It suggests keywords based on your organic results. It also helps to track local ranking scores when you set the geographical location.

SERanking shows your position, average overall rank for all keywords, traffic forecast, overall visibility and more. You have to connect SERankings to your Google analytics and Google search console. This tool is paid.


AUTHORITYLABS is also a useful tool. It helps business owners to track specific keywords. If you want check your keyword ranking in google follow these steps:-

  • Log in to AuthorityLabs.
  • Select your domain or website.
  • Select on the following options:
  • Overview: Summary of keyword rankings.
  • Rankings: Ranks of specific keywords and search engines.
  • Now Provided: Rankings of individual pages.
  • Add keywords:- Upload keywords one by one.
  1. THE HOTH:-

The hoth is a very basic and free tool. It is designed to show you where you rank quickly and easily. You can sign in with your LinkedIn and type in your website. There that tools will show you your rank and which keywords you rank for organically. It also helps to see search volumes, the number of results and the percentage of traffic that your pages command for the search term. You can see page rank for each term, along with your ranking drop over the last month.


If you are struggling to rank in search results, ask for help. There are several trusted Search engine optimization agencies that offer decades of experience, innovative artificial intelligence software and revenue driving SEO services that deliver results.

It is not difficult to check Google rankings; you have plenty of tools at your disposal. With the help of these tools you get to know how much work you need to put in to get the number one spot and who you need to compete with. These tools will also help to inform your future SEO strategy to optimize your content and increase your keyword ranking.  Find out more info Best Search Engine Marketing near me. 

Author Bio – Hermit Chawla is a MD at AIS Technolabs which is a Web/App design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Global Clients. He love to share his thoughts on Web & App Development, Clone App Development and Game Development.


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